Life in the Village

I love the way the mist hugs the hills, shrouding the valley. Having the forest at the end of the street is therapeutic and walking in it recalls Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. The forest cares not for petty concerns. Listening for bears and cougars is an invigorating exercise in mindfulness.

When we updated the car insurance yesterday in “town”, they offered us freshly brewed coffee. Everyone was cheerful and smiling, happy to help, and it was quite unexpectedly a wonderful experience. The community spirit is infectious and I’ve found myself, rather than socially anxious and introverted, feeling like part of an extended family.

I was feeling hopeless dismay at the state of the world. It has been a heartwarming relief to connect with a community that cares for and nurtures each other, is conscious of their environment and happy to be in it.
This is from a lunchtime walk last week – even the swamp is picturesque.